Vehicle Condition Services

Vehicle Condition Services

Copart Middle East is now offering additional Vehicle Condition Services in the UAE.


As a smart buyer, you can take advantage of our additional vehicle condition services offered now in the UAE! Greater peace of mind for your purchases awaits! 

If you are interested in a specific car from our inventory or you want to test your car before buying it, all you have to do is to request one of our following reports by calling our customer services on +971 (0)4 459 2700, sending us an email at or simply by visiting our office in Dubai.

  • Vehicle Test Report - 300 AED

It’s advised to make your request a few days in advance, since the report will take one to two working days to be delivered. Click here for a sample.

  • Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection - 100 AED

We can place the vehicle over the inspection area to allow you to easily inspect the vehicle's undercarriage area in person. Samples: Front side - Back side.

  • Vehicles Diagnostic Report - 500 AED

This report performs a “health check” on a vehicle’s ECU giving valuable information on its faults and recommendations on how to fix them. Click here for a sample.

* These tests can only be requested for vehicles already listed for sale on our website.


If you are not yet a Middle East member, register now and let the fun begin!

For more information, get in touch with our Customer Services at:

Copart Middle East

Phone: +971 (0)4 459 2700