International Shipping

Won a Car in Copart's Online Auction? We can ship your vehicle to any location globally!



Western Africa

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Key Benefits of Copart

International Shipping



Seamless buying process! Bid, win and receive your lot, hassle free!



We deal with all your paperwork, title delivery, payments...etc.



Consolidate your purchase with others and speed up the delivery cycle.



You can now buy from all over the U.S. and ensure a fast delivery.



Choose from a larger inventory across the U.S. without restricting yourself to buying from the same area in order to consolidate.



Receive free storage in Copart location upon receipt of payment.

Copart is now offering a door to door solution* with competitive rates to destinations overseas and more flexible options to choose from. Our global network around the world will bring you the best service at the best price. Save yourself money, time and hassle by shipping through Copart!
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*Door to door option is available for selected countries only.



If you're in need of domestic shipping, we offer that too! Click HERE for information on Copart Domestic shipping.



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